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We supply wood pellets in bags or bulk direct to:

  • Commercial Premises
  • Domestic Premises
Throughout Ayrshire and South West Scotland, UK.

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Stove & Boiler Accessories

Ash Vac System

This simple device is perfect for cleaning cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house saving on cleaning.

Electric Ash Vac System

This item has its own built in 1200 watt tor and is perfect for cleaning up cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house.

Wood Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are 21st century technology. Pellet stoves offer advantages compared to traditional wood burning stoves.

A pellet stove has a storage box which in some models only needs filled once per week. The pellet stoves have programmable time clocks for for self-ignition making your home warm when you require. New technology is now available to control the stove via IPhone apps.

The ash deposits from pellet stove compared to traditional wood stoves are considerable reduced (0.2% - 0.5%). The litle ash that is produced can be used as garden fertiliser as it is high in potash.

The ®Extraflame range of pellet stoves can be used like a traditional wood stoves in that they can be installed to heat one room or can be connected to radiators or underfloor heating system.

The pellet stove has the advantage of using thermostat controls to achieve almost any heat requirements summer or winter.


As for heating performance, a pellet stove in many cases is more efficient than a traditional wood stove with efficiency’s up to 95%.

Fuels costs today are always a concern. Wood pellet prices in the UK have been reduced over the last ten years due to more manufacturing plants unlike oil and gas prices. Heating your house using wood pellets and claiming RHI could reduce your heating bill by 50%.

Some boiler setups will be eligable for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.



Wood Pellet News

New Pellet Factory

added December 6th 2012

Land Energy wood pellet plant has started production: read more

Renewable Heat Incentive

added July 17th 2012

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Applicant Guidance Note 2: read more

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