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We supply wood pellets in bags or bulk direct to:

  • Commercial Premises
  • Domestic Premises
Throughout Ayrshire and South West Scotland, UK.

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Stove & Boiler Accessories

Ash Vac System

This simple device is perfect for cleaning cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house saving on cleaning.

Electric Ash Vac System

This item has its own built in 1200 watt tor and is perfect for cleaning up cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

Wood pellets are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, organic and completely natural non clumping cat litter which is suitable for cats and kittens.

  • extra-long lasting
  • has up to 400% absorbency
  • Super odour binding
  • Dust extracted
  • Bio-degradable

  • Wood Pellet Cat Litter is a revolutionary, which is 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable and suitable for both cats and kittens. A pellet absorbs moisture and odours fast and effectively, is easy to store and use, and significantly reduces the time spent cleaning out compared to traditional products. Made entirely from wood this product responsibly addresses many of the environmental and health issues surrounding traditional litter products.

    Only the solids and worst of the wet patches need to be scooped out and replenished on a regular basis which means that wood pellets are cost effective to use. No need to worry about smaller damp areas which will dry out naturally and still suppress odours. When used by one cat the tray should only need emptying completely every 1.5 to 2 weeks making this very economical and easy to use. Our research also shows that used as a cat litter a 10kg bag of wood pellets is equivalent to using approximately 70kg of an economy brand of cat litter when used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

    The natural pine fragrance masks any odours.

    Directions for use

  • Do not use paper or litter tray liners.
  • Place a 1-3 cm layer of wood pellets cat litter pellets in the tray.
  • Remove soiled content daily and replenish as required. Make sure you use a scoop with large enough holes to avoid waste - we recommend scoops with 11 or 12 mm square holes for best results.
  • Empty and clean litter tray when necessary.
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