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We supply wood pellets in bags or bulk direct to:

  • Commercial Premises
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Throughout Ayrshire and South West Scotland, UK.

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Stove & Boiler Accessories

Ash Vac System

This simple device is perfect for cleaning cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house saving on cleaning.

Electric Ash Vac System

This item has its own built in 1200 watt tor and is perfect for cleaning up cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house.

Horse Bedding Options

Horse bedding is not an easy decision. Factors including cost, transport, storage, and disposal need to be considered. The most common types of bedding used are straw, shavings and wood pellets.

Wood Pellet Bedding

A natural wood fibre product that has been heat treated and compressed. When water is added to the pellets they expand in size and can absorb nine times more liquid than regular shavings with no clumping. Please Click Here for full usage instructions for wood pellet horse bedding.


Eco-Friendly, dust free bedding that is highly absorbent. In addition, wood pellet bedding composts much quicker than shavings or straw which often do not fully compost or take a long time to decompose.


Can be slippery whilst still in pellet form. Need to add water to bedding when initially put down to make if fluff up.

Straw Bedding


Wheat Straw is cheap, easily available, absorbent, warm and easy to muck out. It rots down well, and is easy to dispose of in a muck heap or can be sold or given away as it makes a good garden fertiliser.


Wheat Straw is not suitable for horses with dust allergies or respiratory problems. It can be very dusty and poorer quality straw can be mouldy too. Storage can be a problem - bales need a lot of space in a dry area.

Wood Shavings

Wood Shavings are a popular horse bedding material as they are very absorbent and easy to muck out. Buy wood shavings specially produced for use as animal bedding. If you use alternative wood shavings such as saw mill waste, you may find the shavings are sharp and contain rubbish.


Wood Shavings are easy to muck out, easily stored and easily disposed of (they will burn). They are absorbent and for allergic horses, dust-free (or dust-extracted) shavings are available.


If you are unable or concerned about burning the shavings to dispose of the waste, wood shavings can be hard to get rid of. They take a long time to rot down and are generally unwelcome on muck heaps.


Wood Pellet News

New Pellet Factory

added December 6th 2012

Land Energy wood pellet plant has started production: read more

Renewable Heat Incentive

added July 17th 2012

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Applicant Guidance Note 2: read more

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