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We supply wood pellets in bags or bulk direct to:

  • Commercial Premises
  • Domestic Premises
Throughout Ayrshire and South West Scotland, UK.

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Stove & Boiler Accessories

Ash Vac System

This simple device is perfect for cleaning cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house saving on cleaning.

Electric Ash Vac System

This item has its own built in 1200 watt tor and is perfect for cleaning up cold ash from your wood burning stove or wood pellet boiler without spreading dust and debris around your house.

What is ENPlus?

ENPlus is the European Quality Standard for the manufacture and supply of wood pellets. Manufacturers and Distributors who have the ENPlus standard have been certified as meeting the required quality standards and they are entitled to display the ENPlus logo and their own unique License Number.

When was ENPlus established?

The ENPlus quality certification was agreed upon by the European Pellet Council in January 2011.

How Does ENPlus work?

Both wood pellet manufacturers and distributors should be licensed as ENPlus suppliers. This is because both the manufacturing process and the delivery process are critical in ensuring that high quality pellets are delivered to the end user.

Manufacturers are required to carry out annual plant audits and regular pellet testing by an accredited organisation. Production and internal quality control procedures are also regularly checked to ensure they comply with the standards required

Distributors have to meet quality standards for vehicles, driver training and documentation. After passing an initial assessment, continued licensing is carried out by self certification, but with distributors subject to random inspections.

Every ENPlus licensed member also has to ensure that all pellets can be traced back through the supply chain to source so that any problem areas can be identified and remedied.

What are the Benefits of having ENPlus?

ENPlus takes the uncertainty out of buying wood pellets for the first time. When buying ENPlus certified pellets from an ENPlus certified manufacturer, customers know exactly what they are buying and that they are dealing with a reputable company, who is serious about product quality. Furthermore ENPlus ensures that wood pellets come from sustainable sources, it is helping to support future security of supply making international trade in wood pellets more straightforward.

Who administers ENPlus in the UK?

HETAS is responsible for ENPlus licensing in the UK.


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